After struggling with a hock sore on my Friesian for weeks- that turned into several months- I finally found your website. I was able to pick up a set of XL/Draft shields at my local Big R. I measured him according to your photo guide and the fit was perfect. Even better, he doesn’t mind wearing them at all. (Sure beats wrapping his hock several times a day then adding a shipping boot at night. He HATED that) I’ve played with the fit and found that I am able to make the fit even a bit looser than two fingers, which I like as I know I’m not causing any discomfort or damage. After using them for about a week I am so thankful that he is finally showing significant healing. I did add an under-bandage at first but now that it has a healthy scab I find that the fluffy lining doesn’t wear or interfere with it at all. Thank you!! I will be recommending your very fine product to my friends.