The story of our logo, “Welcome to Our Herd”

In 2007 we opened the RMR Horse Sanctuary to give Standardbreds that were rejected or retired from their harness racing jobs a place to start a new life.

Faith, Whinny and Sierra (the original herd) were already at the Red Mule Ranch pastures. Faith and Whinny came to us as “legs won’t hold up to racing” 3-year-olds.

Ranger and Olive (the new kids) just arrived from the Cal Expo racetrack in Sacramento. Ranger had unknown “issues” and Olive bowed a tendon and won’t be racing again.

The original herd kept the new kids moving for a while.

They settled into two separate herds.

Whinny left the original herd to “welcome” the new kids. This moment became my logo.

The next morning, they go for a stroll around the pasture together. Olive stops for a roll in the sandy spot along the way.

From one horse lover to another:

Throughout my many years as a horse owner, I’ve observed an overwhelming number of horses who suffer from a variety of sores on their hocks. Frustrated in their attempts to solve these problems, caring horse owners are continuously in search of a remedy.

Several years of dedicated research and development led to the Hock Shield, a device that accommodates the expansion of the horse’s hock joint. Extremely flexible, the Hock Shield comfortably allows a wide range of motion, including laying down to standing back up and walking around.

I have tested my product in many different situations and am confident you will receive positive results. Thank you for your consideration of the Hock Shield. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Shari Click

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How the Hock Shield came to be:

A horse at the stable where I board, Taboo, had developed a nasty hock sore. His owner purchased several hock protectors but none of them would stay in place. I decided that this problem is one that has gone on long enough without a satisfying solution and I wanted to take on the challenge.

Many shapes and materials were tested and finally I was getting it to stay on night after night. Taboo was my willing tester and slowly his sore started to heal. His sore was SO deep and he pushed SO hard with his left hock to compensate for his arthritic front knee. Taboo still wears his Hock Shield every day and every night but he has a callous where a deep bloody sore once was.

You can see what his sore looked like a few years ago and how it looks today.

Taboo Before
Taboo After

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