California Dressage Society Finals

We are sponsoring a class and will have a booth at the California Dressage Society Finals event at Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta, CA September 21-24. Please stop by and say “Hi” and pick up your Hock Shields at event pricing.

Replacement Elastic Straps Now Available

Many of our customers have requested new elastic straps because their Hock Shields still have more life in them but the elastic and velcro on the strap are worn out. You can go to the “Order” tab and select Replacement Straps. They are just $5 for a new...

Western States Horse Expo Sacramento

Once again we will have a booth at the Horse Expo in Sacramento, CA June 9 – 11. If you are there, please stop by and get your Hock and Fetlock Shields at special “Event” prices. Also, you can check out our Fly Veils that make trail riding on your...

Hock Shield Ultra new sizing change

We have made a small change to the sizing for our Hock Shield Ultra. Instead of four sizes, there are now only two sizes. We have combined the Small and Medium into a S/M and the Large and Extra Large into L/XL. They are made so you can snip off the extra velcro if...

Fetlock Shield-New and Improved

We have added a second layer of Cordura-like fabric to our Fetlock Shields. They stand up stronger and offer more protection than our originals. They are still light-weight and comfortable so your horse can wear them 24-7.

Free pair of Hock Shields

Today’s phone call: “I just moved my horse to a new place. He has NEVER had hock sores. They are AWFUL! I saw that all the horses here are wearing Hock Shields so I got in my car and drove to the tack store. They didn’t carry them but I need to put...

Queensland, Australia has new retailer

We now have a new seller in Queensland, Australia on the Sunshine coast selling Hock Shields. You can walk in to Sandale Saddlery in Glenview or you can order on line from them.

Hey Canada!!

Good news! We have a new distributor selling Hock Shields to retail stores in Canada. Click on “Where to Buy” for a link to the list of stores that use this distributor. If your local tack store is on the list and they are not carrying Hock Shields, please...

MANY New Retailers!

Our new distributor has been getting the word out about Hock Shields to their retail customers around the country. Go to “Where to Buy” on the right side of the home page to see if your neighborhood tack store carries our products.