Free pair of Hock Shields

Today’s phone call: “I just moved my horse to a new place. He has NEVER had hock sores. They are AWFUL! I saw that all the horses here are wearing Hock Shields so I got in my car and drove to the tack store. They didn’t carry them but I need to put...

Queensland, Australia has new retailer

We now have a new seller in Queensland, Australia on the Sunshine coast selling Hock Shields. You can walk in to Sandale Saddlery in Glenview or you can order on line from them.

Hey Canada!!

Good news! We have a new distributor selling Hock Shields to retail stores in Canada. Click on “Where to Buy” for a link to the list of stores that use this distributor. If your local tack store is on the list and they are not carrying Hock Shields, please...

MANY New Retailers!

Our new distributor has been getting the word out about Hock Shields to their retail customers around the country. Go to “Where to Buy” on the right side of the home page to see if your neighborhood tack store carries our products.